Prototype frames won't scale to fill full screen

I designed a prototype with “Android Small” as the base, and wanted to see how it would scale up to “MacBook Air”. However, the prototype shows the app small and in the corner.

I don’t want to get rid of the MacBook frame, to be clear. I want the root frame to resize to the chosen device canvas size.

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Hi @Haruki_Wakamatsu

Figma do not scall up your design for you. If you want to see the result of your design in both responsive and desktop view you will have to create those views.
Maybe some plugins could help with breakpoint and such but I do not know them.

The problem here is not that the design isn’t responsive (has multiple layouts in response to window size), but that it simply isn’t scaling the root view to match the window size.

It is hard to tell without seeing the structure. I am assuming you are using an autolayout wrapper with a fixed height and width to determine the viewport, with an inner content element set to fill?

The steps are:

  1. I added a frame.
  2. I added Auto Layout to that frame.
  3. I added some children.

Sorry i was not clear enough

This is not possible, Figma cannot do that. If you absolutely need this feature I’d recommend to use some other tools (like Framer for example). In the meantime you can upvote this feature request so maybe some day it will be available in Figma

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