Prototype "Back" is not working in my prototype somehow

Thank you so much! Worked for me as well!

Thank you so much!

omg! this worked for me. Thank you so much!!!

OMG you are a saviour! I have been trying so hard for the past 24 hrs … posted this question on random youtube videos and your trick worked. Thanks a tonn!

It worked!! Thank you

Just a little addition here since I found myself coming back to this thread for the same issue again. The first time I had this issue, setting the stroke to ‘outside’ seems to have worked. However in a second version of my project I couldn’t get it to work properly again.

My solution was to simply expand the height of the frame the arrow was in and center the arrow in it. I think the issue was that because the arrow was just a stroke with a height value of ‘0’ (the arrow pointer is just a “decoration” to the stroke), the frame also had a height of ‘0’ which made it impossible to click. I changed the frame height to ‘15’ in my example and it worked fine with no other changes.

I’m not 100% sure my theory on why it wasn’t working is correct, but fixing the frame height did solve my issue.

If I’m correct in my assumption about the 0-value height, then flattening the arrow to make it a vector shape should also fix the frame height to the full height of the shape, at the expense of losing some editability.