Prototype "Back" is not working in my prototype somehow

Hi Guys, i was create the “back” interaction. I set up as “tap” + “back” on an arrow. However, when i present, it doesnt go back to the previous screen. It seems like there is no interaction exist at the arrow.

May i know if the above set up is correct? Do i need to do extra links or set up in order for the arrow to work as “back” ?

Thank you!


Same here! Did you get any feedback?

Hi, didn receive feedback but what i did was just copy and paste all the frames, and it works on the new one.

Same here. Back is not working

I’m having the same problem. I’m iterating on my first prototype but the back is not working. Did you find a solution?

Nope, I set fallbacks manually to the previous screen, which is currently the most suitable solution IMHO.

Hi, I had the same problem. I went back to design interface and in “stroke” area I changed from “inside” to “outside”. Now it is working. Hope it will be helpfull. :slight_smile:


It works! Thanks!

Thank you!

yes it works. Thanks a lot

Thank you!

thank you it works

Thanks it works

Thanks it worked for me as well!

thanks <3 this helped

Back button don’t work when you are using “Overlay”

thanks, this works

Thanks, it worked

Thanks, it works.

Thank you so much, this helped a lot and all of my arrows are working. Do you now why this happens?