Prototype animation weird "jump" up-down

hello everyone, im pretty new in Figma and I follow some lessons from Youtube to prove my skills.

so I faced some problem : I made several copy of first screen ,after I changed them one by one how I want my acting change it. i used : while hovering - navigate to - smart animation .
so when prototype is running , I scroll page down from first screen to second or third , hover object and animation works around 0.001 second and after jump up to first screen…

if you understand my English and my problem PLS HELP :wink:

Hi @iraida19031989
Would you be able to share the prototype, and explain what behavior do you want to achieve so we can better visualize the problem ?

hi, yes sure.
The problem is animation jump from 2nd and 3d block to 1st block of landing exact after 1 sec I make while hovering for object.
thank you for your attention :pray:

Hi, if you are using animation, you can animate with component set and make some effect per-block, you can select your design effect in assets beside layers and drag in your design effect.

You can try the tutorial: Scroll Animations in Figma! (Without scroll support) (

If you have more complex or different animation you can help again