Proposal for two additional Constraint types

Hi everyone,

I would like to suggest two new Constraint types which would come especially handy when dealing with composite components like a drop-down field with a label in front of it.
I was trying to achieve the following:

when I drag the right boundary of the component, only the drop-down field resizes, as it does when set to “Left and Right” constraint:



In turn, when I drag the left boundary of the component, only the label resizes, as it does when set to “Left and right” constraint:



I cannot achieve this behaviour with current constraints. Currently, if I set the drop-down or the label to either “Left” or “Right”, it does not resize. It only moves with the boundary of the component. When I set it to “Left and right” it resizes with the boundary but - as the name suggests - it works with the left and the right boundary of the component.
My suggestion is therefore to distinguish between two different cases of the “Left” / “Right” constraint:

Left (Move) / Right (Move)
Left (Resize) / Right (Resize)

The (Move) functionality describes the current behaviour where the object just sticks to the boundary and moves the position accordingly. The (Resize) functionality would be a new feature and it does basically the same as the current “Left and right” constraint with the difference being, it only works on one side.

What do you think of this?