Properties linked

Hello team,

I need your help. I’m working on a pair of cards components. This component is made up of the single card component, which is made up of some atomic components such as a button and an image container.

I would like to make sure that when users change a property of one of those atomic components, it is reflected in both cards of the “pair of cards component”.

For now, I have on the right panel, all the properties for card 1 and for card 2.

Any suggestions? That would be fantastic!

Thank you!

Hey Emma, thank you for reaching out!
Not sure if this is what you’re after but any instance you create is linked to the main component. In your case when you make changed to your main card component, Figma will apply any changes you apply to any linked instances. However, if you make an override to these instances. Figma will attempt to preserve your overrides when you select a different variant, or swap between instances in the Instance menu. To reset an override Right-click on the instance in the canvas and select Reset Instance.

More information on component you can find here:

Hope this helps! If it doesn’t and I’m totally off here, please feel free to reach back out. Also if you’re able to share a link to the file we can take a closer look!