Project list update

The new update to the UI of the Projects/Files panel on the “home” screen makes scanning projects and files much harder than before. I’m not sure if it’s due to font size, weight, or what. But I find myself searching for work in the panel for far longer than I used to.

Agreed. The issue is that there is no longer adequate visual grouping to separate projects/teams. Everything now appears squashed together and it makes the list very busy and hard to skim.

The Team/Project headers are not adequately visually distinguishable from their sub-projects and there is no longer enough visual grouping. The team icon alone isn’t enough to provide good grouping because it is too small and may not be noticeable depending on what color if icon a user has select for their project. It is also barely noticeable that the header font is slightly bolder than the subproject font.

If there is a reason the dividers are no longer desired, a helpful improvement would be to provide slightly more padding to each of the top level prohect/team header to better show grouping.

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