Project deletion too easy

When viewing all of your project groupings at a global level, it is too easy to accidentally delete an entire project. This just happened to me.

When hovering over a project grouping, you are able to hover over a “file”, and click on that file to open it. Yet, if you hover over that file in order to delete it, and right click, the only option to delete is for the entire project. Essentially, the entire project folder is a giant button to delete all files in that project! There are two functions going on here in one space.

First - I would propose you can only delete an entire project by right clicking on the project name only, not while hovering over any file within that project.

Second - I would have a more prominent warning that you are about to delete an entire project. Right now it’s not evident at all, and way too easy to delete a large amount of files.

Third - I would change the word “project” to “project folder” - especially when asking to delete. The word “project” is too close to the word “file” - they can be used interchangeably. “Project” can easily be mistaken for a single file since a Figma file can have so many different parts to it, it could be considered a project.

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Hi @Jason_Simons ,
Thanks for your feedback! Don’t forget to also Vote top, so we can continue to gather feedback and gauge interest from the community. :slight_smile:

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+1 Absolute agree with this. I’m glad this did not happen to me yet.

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