Problem with horizontal scrolling only when apply a dropshadow

I have a problem with the horizontal scroll of my prototype, it works perfect only if I don’t apply the dropshadow to the cards. I can’t figure out why, can anyone help me?

No dropshadow

With dropshadow

As you can see, the link with dropshadow, horizontal scroll works strange the initial position has a space and also the final…

thank you


Anyone can help me?

@Raffaele_Parlato hey I also faced the same problem, and hours of researching I found the issue. Instead of applying dropshadow on every card individually, but instead group the cards together and then applying it as a whole. This should completely fix the problem.

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@Raffaele_Parlato I’m not exactly sure what the issue is here with the scrolling, (I’m just guessing the system adds the shadow to the size of the cards) but I also found another problem with this which is the shadows actually overlap on one another (although it may not seem so, I used the colorpicker to test). but when you group them together, the shadows are always at the bottom and do not go over other cards.

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I am also having this issue, but with vertical scrolling. When I have effects (drop shadows) enabled, the effect ‘zone’ seems be read as extending the scroll frame. Reminds me of what can happen if you use image masks with scrolling behavior, where the scrolling respects the ‘hidden’ pixels of the masked image.

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Same problem here! It’s so annoying and difficult to discover… any solution?