Preview window

The new preview window in Figma client is great!
It would be nice if this could be moved freely outside the window size of the Figma client. This way it would not obstruct the Figma UI and can be moved to a secondary display.


+1, it would be awesome

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You can just open second Figma Window using shortcut Command + Shift + N, and drag full prototype view to the second display.

It’s a relevant suggestion but, the Preview window and Present window have different purposes. I want to be able to use the Preview window in a better way, while working on building components. I don’t want to concern myself with creating interaction flows necessarily at that point in my workflow.

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You can open Preview as well in new window, it behaves like you launched second copy of Figma app

Yes, I’m aware opening a second window of Figma client will also be able to display the preview window. But that won’t accommodate the workflow and feature that I’m looking for. The preview in my first window of Figma will update display by the frame I have selected in currently open file. The preview in the second window will not change it’s display by interacting in the first window, only by selecting a frame in the second window. As is expected. What I would like to see, is a preview window that updates by frame selected in my file and that this preview window can be displayed outside the bounds of my Figma window.


Ah, makes sense, yep

Exactly, escecially that on Config they talked about this feature as a quicker way of preview prototypes which should helps you to get preview more often.

Loving the new preview feature in Figma! Being able to quickly see your designs in an actual browser window is super handy.

Great call on suggesting the preview be movable/resizable outside the main Figma window. I’m often working with Figma on one display and have my preview on a second screen. Having to keep the preview contained within the app makes it block too much interface.

Being able to freely move and resize the preview window like a standard browser would make multimonitor workflows much smoother. You could throw the preview on a separate display and focus just on the Figma UI on your main screen.

This seems like a simple tweak that would really improve the preview experience. Hope the Figma team considers allowing that kind of flexibility and control over the preview window placement/size. Keep up the great work!

I love Figma

I created 2024 calendar on Figma,it looks perfect !!! Thanks Figma.

Coming from Adobe XD this is the feature I miss most. Seems like the current Preview mode has mainly been created with having designs for mobile devices in mind, but for desktop screens it does not make sense at all.


Does anyone know of a plugin for this?

Also for this, it would be nice if the new tokens variable panel could in a similar way be moved outside of the client app window. If working on a single very large screen this won’t be an issue, but for anyone on a medium sized screen or on multiple display setup, most of Figma workspace becomes unusable once tokens panel is open because it takes up so much space.


Same. Just switched from XD to Figma and I find the preview prototype option quite underwhelming here. I am used to working on my prototype on my laptop screen and having the preview window always open on my separate display so I can check how the designs look at all times. This is completely impossible in Figma right now…

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