Preview suddenly stopped scaling the preview window


For some reason the Preview suddenly stopped scaling when I resize it to check my prototypes. For clarity, this happens when I’ve hit shift-space, and resize the preview either from the right side, or from the bottom. It just makes the preview screen bigger, and doesn’t scale the window like it used to do.

First this happened in browser mode, and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong so I downloaded the Windows app and there it worked properly on all my prototypes. A few hours later just now it stopped working in the Windows app too.

If I check on my other computer, a laptop, the Preview scales correctly.

I’ve disabled all Chrome extensions and rebooted, nothing works.

For reference the app scales under the menu here, so weird.

Hi @Marcus_Wallinder do you happen to have a device frame set?

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Yes, I used the “iPhone 13 & 14” device frame, I have since renamed it.

Do you think its has something to do with this?

This also just started happening to me.

I’m not using a device frame on my prototype.

It was working as expected (I scale my preview window and the prototype scales along with it) and then not even 5 mins later, directly after the update it now stops scaling.

Feels to me like it might have had something to do with the recent update

Some additional information that I have just discovered… when clicking the “Fit frame to aspect ratio” it scales the window to the correct ratio, but the prototype spills outside of the frame. See image attached

Thank you both for the reply and sorry to hear this is happening! @Emma_Stephens The issue regarding the “Fit to frame aspect ratio” does seem strange, can you please reach out to our support team directly via this form: so they can take a closer look. Please include a short video and a link to the file and share it with

@Marcus_Wallinder I suspect it had something to do with the device frame on the prototype being set. If changing that to “None” doesn’t help can you also please reach out to our support team via the same forum linked above.