Prevent users from selecting different variant properties within nested components

In Sketch, it is possible to select which variant properties we allow users to control within nested components. In some cases we want to block users from selecting different properties. For example we have a date input component. It’s available in different size variants. It uses the text input component nested inside, and that itself has different size variants. We want to stop users from (for example) selecting an L size date input then drilling down to the nested text input and changing the size of that to S size.

We build atomically when possible, so this feature would be really valuable.


Same need here! :raising_hand_woman:t2:

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Please this one!!!

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We should all work atomically when we can, and this feature will support that way of working better. :slight_smile:

Sketch have offered this feature for years: How to organize your Symbols and manage overrides · Sketch

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