Preserve color for icon instance swap with Material Design components

I’m using the “Material 3 Design Kit” which has a (very small) set of icons that are referenced in the “Icon button” component (side note: these icons are maddeningly different than those offered with the “Material Symbols” plugin; also, I don’t understand why the icons from the “Material Design Icons” stickersheet aren’t built into this kit either…)

The issue I’m having is when I perform an instance swap using an icon from another library – even the “Material Design Icons” library – the color of the icon is not preserved and therefore the variant interactions of the icon component do not remain intact.

i.e., Manually changing the color back still doesn’t address my goal of the icon color changing from gray (for the enabled state) to white (for the hover and pressed states).

Any guidance would be immensely appreciated!

Hey Charlie, would you be able to share a screen recording with us so I can investigate this with the team?