Presentation Lag Issues with Prototypes - Feb 22 2024

We are currently managing multiple prototypes within the agency, and today we encountered significant lag during presentations. Initially, we suspected a file-related issue, so we meticulously reviewed our memory usage, finding it to be under 15%. Further investigation into older prototypes revealed that they too exhibited the same presentation lag. It’s possible that the recent software update may have triggered this issue, rendering it impractical to proceed with our project at the moment. Are any of you experiencing similar challenges?

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Our team is experiencing the same problem with lagging prototypes and we have tested the performance on different devices, different network connections, large files, and single-page documents with only a few frames and components - there is a persistent lag of 5-6 seconds between interactions and the preview tab seems to be freezing even as you resize it to fit the screen or hide the flows panel.

After dedicating time to reviewing the prototype and assessing its memory performance, I couldn’t identify any significant design-related issues. However, we note the team introduction of new variables by the library that we use in all of these prototypes old and new, encompassing multiple brands and colors around 5 different big variable groups. This prompted me to investigate further by comparing the performance of older prototypes with older libraries and this doesn’t have the same lag issue. The issue may be the tons of variables created and because still that functionality is on Beta produces the lagg and issues. We will be testing this and see if we can resolve it. Maybe you can review if exist the same problem in your files.