Potential bug flipping constraints randomly


So as the title states, some of my frames, groups, object etc… has constraints flipped.

For instance, (just as an example) a simple rectangle nested in a parent frame with left and top constraints is showing the blue lines for left and bottom - and acts accordingly on resizing.

A simply thought would be that the main frame is flipped 180 degree; however, that is not the case.

Two current ways fix this, for the items with the issues I click left and bottom and they now follow the rules for them to act left and top - although other items in the same parent item do not have the issue, thus confusingly have correct left and top constraints.

Or, I remove the nested rectangle into a new fame, and voila, the issue acts no more. However, this is a pain for complex components, because the issue isn’t just hitting main frames, but has randomly hit inner nested items - so a circle in a box could be flipped, then the box itself could be fine, then that frame that sits in could be wrong. Very odd.

And again, a note to end, this isn’t due to rotated frames as the degrees are showing 0.

Any thoughts? I have 100’s of components and complex screens with multiple variants and deep nesting, and I cant go through recreating everything item which the bug has hit.

Is there a way to manually force an override to reset constraints? perhaps in the console?

Have to add that this issue is still not fixed.