Possibility to have different "Views" saved in a Tab Bar

Save the drawing area in a certain zoom/positioning - almost like in Sketchup - This way we can easily navigate from one sketch into another without having to scroll manually.

It will ease all the creation vs navigation process.

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Hey @Ana5! Are you looking to have the ability to have the same file open in multiple tabs, but then be able to reposition the canvas in each file tab to a specific angle/view?

Want to make sure I understand correctly (also I know that was a mouthful so lemme know if I was unclear :sweat_smile:)

Hi! Only saw this now. Thank you for your answer!
The idea wouldn’t be having the same file open in multiple tabs but just having like “memorised” views of the file. This way we can go from one position to another, assuring we keep the view we want. Also, there could be “hidden” elements depending on the views. For example, we have a diagram and we are presenting one part of the flow in one view, then clicking on other tab (saved view) it is enabled more elements. Was I clear?

Heavy plus!
There are plugins that can help with this. But it would be much better natively!