Plugin websocket connection issue

I want to use websocket to connect a server, but I can’t connect through ws://, as it’ll show error ‘xxxx loaded from https, the endpoint must be through wss’ , so I changed the url to wss:// and set up the port.

But when I added the domain wss:// to the manifest.json, and tried to connect to wss://[port], it showed a new error 'Please add “wss://[port]” to the networkAccess > allowedDomains field in your manifest.json

Then I did what it told me to, and got ‘manifest error’ because “wss://[port]” is not a valid url :melting_face:

Currently the work around is to set allowedDomains to “*”, but I want to use constraints to domains. So how can I set up a right domain for the url with a port?

Hey @Chaine, are you still experiencing this issue? We’ve made a number of changes that should fix this use case - but let me know if you’re still having issues.