Plugin - Unable to process

Is anyone having same problem about the plugin?
My plugin is not working, it just stays in “processing” stage.

Hi @Shawn_Ting - I took a look on my end, and I was able to get the plugin to run as expected. It processes in a few seconds.

When you use the plugin, are you using Figma via desktop app or web browser? Is it happening in both? Would like to get more info on how you’re accessing Figma to give some suggestions.

Hi ksn - I’m using Figma via web browser. I have never tried the Desktop version.

@Shawn_Ting – got it, and sorry for the delayed reply on my end.

So when I ran the plugin myself, I didn’t run into any issues. If you’re on the web, I wonder if this is an issue with the cookies/cache attached to Figma. Can you try clearing those specifically, and trying again (if it’s still not working)?

Also, are you using a browser that’s not typically used? Like Brave or Arc?