Plugin for Generating Designs Based on Pre-established Visual Identities

Hello! I work at a marketing agency and we are in search of an efficient Figma plugin that can assist us in creating customized design pieces tailored to each client’s unique visual identity. We need a tool that allows us to input a database containing specific color palettes, font types, and layout styles for each client. This would streamline our workflow, ensuring our designs consistently align with the preferences and standards of each brand we represent. Are there any Figma tools or plugins out there that meet these requirements? We appreciate any suggestions or recommendations you can offer in advance!

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Hey @Larissa_Donato, thanks for reaching out!

There are plugins in our community that may help, but there may not be one catch-all plugin that will touch on everything you’re looking for in a single plugin. Here’s an example:

Feel free to search within the community directly though! You may find a few plugins that will help with everything you’re looking for:

What you’re looking for is a DESIGNER.


Hi, actually I created a similar plugin a week ago. It allows to generate custom social images, ads, email images (etc) with prompts based on brand guideline rules coded as a JSON file.

Today I just randomly bumped into your post :open_mouth:

You can check the video with the results of generations here: