Please fix library component variant updating

Instances of library components that contain component variants do not update when variants are modified. This has been broken for years. Probably never worked.

Hey there, as a first step, it would be really helpful if you could make a quick video showing the issue and the steps you’re taking (please make sure to include the layers panel).

I reported this years ago with detailed instructions on how to replicate the issue. Just try to use your product in a non-trivial way and you find tons of issues,

Hey Annu,
Céline here from the Community team. I understand your frustration.
I have seen in our back end that you have reached out to the support team some months ago about this issue. As the support team requested, if you come across this issue again and are able to screen record the issue and/or provide screenshots, and a copy of your file to have more context, please let us know so we can troubleshoot by filling this form here:
It would help us to replicate and investigate it further. Thank you!

I submitted an example files and replication instructions.

Same issue here :pensive: