Please enable remote updating of TeamLibrary variables

Would be great to enable updating of a variable in a TeamLibrary from a plugin that is running from another design file that has that TeamLibrary already added please.

Currently, I can read a variable from a TeamLibrary using:
var variable = await Figma.variables.importVariableByKeyAsync(keyVariable);

However, I cannot not update that same variable using setValueForMode:

I get an error:
“unhandled promise rejection: Error: in setValueForMode: Cannot write to internal and read-only node. Are you trying to modify a remote style or component?”

Can you please enable updating of TeamLibrary variables remotely?


When designing at scale with multiple brands, TeamLibraries enable mastering of variables that are used across multiple brands.

It would be useful to be able to update TeamLibrary variables remotely, when working with a plugin in a design file from any of those multiple brands, that have that TeamLibrary file added.

Thanks for the feedback! We will share this internally. We really appreciate your insight!