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Please add a spell checker

Non-native speakers of any language are prone to errors in spelling. While collaborating across countries, this is especially more evident.
A simple spell checker would help greatly.

  • Could be turned off per file
  • A plus would be team specific dictionary to apply overrides

Alternatively, it could help using browser tools like spell checker!

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Spellcheck is definitely needed! It’s really embarrassing to collaborate with your team in realtime and have a bunch of spelling errors. I’ve been opening a separate Google window to double check certain words to make sure they’re correct.

You guys are amazing!:tada: Please add Spelling check to at-least FigJam

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I need spell check ASAP :joy:

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Grammarly support would be amazing


Yes please!

Using the browser’s spellchecker would be fantastic. I would be OK with a short-term solution of enabling figma (spell checking) plugins on the figjam board.


+1 we need at least the basic spell check in Fig Jam


It would be great to be able to access the OS-level spellcheck feature available to most text-based apps. I.e., highlight a word, right click and Define word or replace word with correctly spelled version.

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