Phantom component that I cannot delete. Help!

I have a component in my design system that doesn’t go away. I have updated this component, renamed it, unsynced the library, resynced the library, restarted Figma etc. and to no avail. This component doesn’t exist but it continues to replace the new one I’ve created. Please help. Anyone.

Hey @Lorraine_Molina, thanks for reaching out!

Ghost components are usually a sign that there’s an instance in the file still attached to the old component.

Can you please try these steps for any ghost components you’re seeing in the Assets panel?

For each page in the file:

  1. Drag in an Instance from the ‘Used in this file’ section of the Assets panel. If this generates an error this usually indicates that the original Component has been deleted or corrupted in some way
  2. Select the instance you just added and use the Quick Action menu (Cmd on Mac or Ctrl on Windows) to Select all with same Instance.
  3. If you find any Instances which are selected, then detach or swap them with the correct library instance.

Once the Instances are removed from the file, this should remove them from the ‘Used in this File’ list and Search.

If you try this flow and can’t find any instances which are incorrectly attached, or have trouble with any of the steps, can you please add to your file as an Editor (this won’t affect your billing at all) and send a link to the file and the name and screenshots for any of these ghost components via this form: