Personal Access Token


I am unable to generate a personal access token from my account settings. Can you please provide information on how I generate the personal access token?

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The instructions don’t seem to be correct. I can access the settings only from the top-right menu and the there is no “Create a new token” link/button in the Personal Access Tokens section of the settings.

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Add a description of the token (for example, REST API) in the input field and press Enter/Return.


I am not sure what is going on here either. Maybe the issue is that you have to have an upgraded Figma plan? I DO NOT have the option to create a token either. I have accessed the settings menu from the desktop client on Windows 11

Click on the field with the placeholder “Add a token description” to set the cursor (caret) and then

That does not work. Again, back to my original ask. Do you need the UPGRADED version to use the “personal Token”

No, it doesn’t need. You can create a personal token on any of the plans. Please wait until Figma is stable and then try again.

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Looks like there is a weird constraint on the name that you use. So it did work after I copied in a Huge string…

Hey Figma Community, is there any update on this? I am experiencing the same issue:

Instruction found here are incorrect- The Tokens section is visible, but there is no button or link to actually click to generate an access token.

Does the OAuth2 flow work? I’d like to avoid going through the work of setting up a webhook to obtain a token if the functionality is not complete.