Permission to access a specific component by Key for public?

I am writing a plugin and I need to be able to let anyone access a component that I am referencing in my plugin. I was able to get my plugin to work for people with access to the library that contains the component but I cannot figure out how to publish it so that anyone can access it. The Figma review team won’t let me publish my plugin because most users in the general community won’t have access to the component library. I then tried to publish the component in the community, but I can’t get a key for when it is published to the general community. I also can’t seem to publish the library for everyone to see or use.

Any thoughts?

Hey there, I’ve checked your inquiry with the team internally. It’s not possible to publish a component that is publicly accessible (either via a plugin or via a user in the assets panel). The only workaround here would be that you publish a Community file, and ask people to duplicate it and publish the components inside to their own team library.

I think even doing that workaround doesn’t work because the ID of their version of that component would be unique :frowning:

I went ahead and just wrote my plugin to generate the component if the component doesn’t exist for them.