Performance issues editing/prototyping, you too?

i Would like to know if people experience performance issues ? Because since few months i feel like the performance of Figma are really dicreasing, specially while prototyping and while spimply editing large projects.
Am i alone ? I tried it on multiple devices, and my macbookpro 16" 2020 begin to be quite slow on Figma… And my pc gamer tower with RTX 3060Ti begin to experience same issues… I have to reduce the pixel preview to x1 to have confortable performances on some projects, it’s really annoying. I don’t think Adobe already contaminated Figma, so what is it.
I tried to have my projects clean as possible with seperated pages, i try to open only 1 project as the same time, and i use Figma on the desktop app.

Honestly it can’t because my desktop is weak, i5 11th, 32Go, RTX 3060Ti, SSD etc