PDF output: text boxes are not kept as text

When exporting my project as PDF output, I noticed that the text I had in my project turns into an outline in PDF. That’s a big issue because screen readers cannot read the output which means accessibility will be hit very hard for your project.

An example that’s been reported is people using Figma to build resumes. These might not be readable by ATS software (depending on the software).

How to test:

  1. Write some text in Figma.
  2. Export as PDF.
  3. Open in Acrobat Reader.
  4. Select text and copy.
  5. Paste in notepad: crazy non-text data was copied.

Would it be possible to request an update that will keep Figma text as text in the PDF output?

You can test our plugin, the text will be preserved.
But we don’t support all features of Figma yet.