PDF export functionality to embed fonts

I’m having trouble exporting PDFs of frames. Do you know if the export functionality embeds the fonts? I will import the generated pdf frame into another work that requires to be PDF/A compliant, so I need the font embedded in the frame in the first place. I tried with Adobe Reader, and it does not say “embedded”, which is usually a sign that it’s not. I tried with another software (Okular), and it does say “fully embedded”.



Hi, did you ever find a solution for this problem?

Hey All, thanks for reaching out!

At the moment, we do not support a way to embed fonts in exported PDFs. We’ve updated this topic to a feature request, and we’ll pass your feedback onto the team for consideration.


Please add this feature. :pray:

Hi Denise, it’s been over half a year now. Can you share if there has been any progress? Is this even in a roadmap - any plans to even do it?
Thank you

Hi, did you find any solution for this?

Hey All, thanks again for the feedback!

This is on our team’s radar, but there hasn’t been enough interest from the community to prioritize building this functionality. While it isn’t on our immediate roadmap, the team will continue to monitor this topic for future consideration.

I’m interested

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