PDF Export fails on big Frames


I’m creating a Boardgame Playmat and it’s Din A1 in size (equal 4390x3100 px).
On there are a lot of High-Res Images and hundrets of Vector Elements in use.

If I try to export the Frame as PDF, it takes literally a hour, the files is ~2gb big,
and no other PDF Tool (like Adobe Acrobat or Apple Preview) could open the file.

If I export the File as PNG (@3x) all works fine. File is ~230mb and any Tool opens it.
But for printing purposes I would like to go for an PDF as the Font is still a vector.

Any Ideas how to solve that? Fells like a bug in Figma, to be honest.

Greez Jens

No one? :confused:

Figma may not be a good choice for working with a large number of high resolution vector elements. This wouldn’t happen if you used illustrator. If all elements are vector, if you didn’t use png images, you can scale the whole area by 50% by pressing “K”. Maybe you can enlarge it after you export pdf because it is vectorial.

Just an idea. I have never worked with such a large file.

Thanks for your reply. :grin:

Sadly this wouldn’t help.
Scaling vectors, won’t change there size.

And Yes, Figma was a bad Choice.

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