Pasting Error

For the last week, Figma has been lagging on when a component is copied to paste it, it will just hang there, and not physically paste anything.

This seems to be happening on the WebApp as well as the Figma Website. Is there a solution to this, that I have not seen yet or is anyone else experiencing this bug?


I’m also experiencing this bug.

I have the same problem

Same problem.

Still seeing this.

Seeing this especially when trying to paste again when an existing paste hasn’t finished yet, so ctrl + v multiple times in quick succession

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Experiencing the same problem. Happening very often now.

Same here. All. The Time.

Still happening

Happens a lot recently (APP on Win 10). Restarting Figma helps, but its a huge annoyance.

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I am also experiencing the same, when I paste I can see the name of the frame/component but not the bits inside. Restarting the app doesn’t do anything to help…

Same here, happens if you paste too often.

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Still happening (desktop version)

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Logged in just to say I experience this problem all the time when pressing copy then holding ctrl + v to paste.

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The solution for now on browser is to kill the tab and reopen one.

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Yeah that the root problem. Don’t hold ctrl+v when pasting. Just do it with couple click.

Happening all the time for a long time… very annoying :triumph:

I’m also having this issue

Been experiencing for a long time.