Paste to replace not listed in Menu

I’m using the desktop app, I restarted, and I still can’t see “paste to replace” anymore in the menu!!! it’s greyed out in quick actions.

this is shocking, I need this feature so much.

(PS I’m not dealing with a component or part of a component, highlighted object shown below)


I’m experiencing the same problem as well. there is no “Paste to replace” when you select multiple and want to update all at the same time.

Hey @Shannon_Copfer_Brace & @Roya, sorry for the delayed reply!

This seems like a different issue from the original topic, so we’ve moved it to it’s own topic.

Are you right-clicking on the highlighted objects in Layers panel rather than directly on the canvas? When right-clicking on the canvas, the shortcut is listed as expected in the menu:
Screenshot 2023-09-05 at 12.27.10 PM

Hi @dvaliao I’m experiencing the same issue here, and I tried clicking on the canvas, Paste to replace still not showing up. Please help! thank you!!