Paste SVG code no longer available

I recall that Figma previously supported pasting SVG elements that were copied as raw code. I used to copy these elements from the inspect panel in a browser and paste them into Figma, where they would be rendered perfectly as vectors.

It appears that this feature is no longer available, which is disappointing as I found it very useful. Is there any possibility of bringing this feature back?

I’ve figured it out! The issue was with the SVG element I was trying to copy: it had an extra apostrophe before the xmlns attribute.

For example, I attempted to copy the following code (it represents a text layer icon in Figma):

<svg class="svg" 'xmlns="" width="10" height="10" viewBox="0 0 10 10"><path fill="#000" fill-opacity="1" fill-rule="nonzero" stroke="none" d="M0 0h10v3H9V1H5.5v8H7v1H3V9h1.5V1H1v2H0V0z"></path></svg>

After removing the apostrophe in front of xmlns , the code worked perfectly. The next step for me is to find a way to ensure that the code is copied correctly in the first place, without these extra characters.

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Thank you for the update @marcinukleja :heart: let us know if any other questions or possible issues come up!