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Paste component overrides

Now that auto layout improvements and Variants have landed, my pages have more and more nested components. One common friction point I run into is the following:

  • Pull a component out the library
  • Set up overrides on a nested component, e.g. a button’s label or icon
  • Decide I don’t want that button to go there, or I want to use a different component
  • Set up the same overrides on a different button.

What I’d like to have is some kind of “paste overrides” functionality, or maybe a “replace with component from clipboard.” Basically, I’d like to be able to:

  • Copy my button instance with all its overrides
  • Select another button or maybe some random nested component instance
  • Hit Paste and watch the button and its overrides replace the selected layer

It would really just be a shortcut for selecting a nested instance, using the swap menu to choose Button, and re-filling out the overrides. But saving time and cognitive load in those little repetitive actions would make the design/prototyping experience feel more direct, IMO.

Anyone have any other ideas, workarounds, plugins to help make this little process more painless?

This little plugin I made will solve this issue you mentioned :wink:


Thanks, that plugin is helpful! Still a bit of a pain to work with, would love to see Figma provide the capability to have proper local overrides without having to detach all the time.