Panel-Symbols Overview Sheet?

As relatively new to FIgma io have a hard time figuring out what which symbols in the layer palette mean and what their functions and properties are. Is there something like an orientation?

Hi @pixelzauberer, Thank you for reaching out and sharing your concerns. I completely understand where you’re coming from.

While I couldn’t find a resource that perfectly matches all your needs, I’ve gathered some helpful guides and tutorials that might be useful.

Firstly, here’s a guide to the left sidebar in Figma, where you can identify each icon and learn more about left sidebar: View layers and pages in the left sidebar - View layers

Also, our help center offers a comprehensive list of resources in the “Tour the Interface” section that you might find interesting: Tour the interface

For a quick tour of key features, the “Figma for beginners” tutorial series in Figma YouTube is a fantastic place to start: New to Figma? Get started with “Figma for beginners” tutorials
An introduction to each property can be found in this video from the series above: Figma For Beginners: Explore ideas (1/4)

Hope it helps!
If anyone in our community has additional suggestions, please feel free to share here.