Pages for FigJam files

Be able to create pages on FigJam files.


Right now Figjam files are becoming increasingly difficult to organize. Not only within an individual file but within my larger organization.

I would love to be able to create multiple pages to track the progression of ideas.

This would also drastically decrease the # of files that I need to keep track of within my organization


I ran a design sprint today and had many exercises we were using FigJam for. It was great! However, I have a few folks that aren’t pro Figma users so I found it was easier to just create separate FigJam files for the exercises.

I would have loved to have pages, just like in Figma, for the many exercises you might have in a longer sprint. Thanks!

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  1. Describe the problem your experiencing and how your idea helps solve this

We often have many screens and flows as part of the same project and would like to have one single brainstorming file for such projects.

Adding pages would solve this issue and we could choose to show or hide the pages and bring them up only when we need to add a new page or switch between the pages. So basically the pages should be similar to the ones that already exist on Figma.


I would like to have multiple pages in Figjam.

Figjam is very popular among non-function roles. However, it is easy to get lost in the infinity scrolling canvas. It will be great if I can create multi-pages in the same Figjam file and each page is about a specific sub-topic.


This would be a great feature to have


Would be nice to keep connected whiteboards in one file instead of creating a new file for each whiteboard.


We need pages in Figjam, so we can have brainstorming, planning, user journey, wireframes and feedback (all design process) in separate pages in a single file for project documentation.


Thanks for all of these great suggestions!

We’re considering some new functionality that will allow you to keep your FigJam files alongside your work in Figma. In the next few weeks, we’re running an invite-only beta and would love folks from this thread to participate and share feedback on the experience.

You can learn more about the beta and sign up here: Help us bring Figma + FigJam closer together! | Great Question

Is there an update to whether or not this feature has been released?

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As a new user, I’m surprised this isn’t already a feature.

I would really like to see this feature

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A post was merged into an existing topic: Make FigJam and Design files into one file type with different modes/toolsets

I would LOVE this feature to keep all whiteboards for a single project better organized.

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I am curious what the outcome was from the beta for this. I work in product and am trying to find a way to bring product briefs and Figma more closely together so that necessary information (especially visuals like screenshots) aren’t scattered across multiple tools and software suites.

I am new to Figma and trying to decide whether it would be easy to use as an alternative to Jamboard that I use in my classes. What I usually do now is create a Jamboard for each class and in every lesson add new material on separate pages for students to be able to study at home. I don’t seem to be able to do this in Figma boards and was wondering if that is me or if the feature does not really exist.

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I was hoping to switch from Bitpaper to FigJam for online tutoring, but it’s a deal-breaker for me that I can’t create multiple pages. I’m a math tutor and use a new page every session. Bitpapers have 100 pages, which is ideal. Please let me know if you introduce this feature!

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Adding my 2 cents in here. FigJam for is perfect for the less tech savvy individuals. Also making connections and diagramming as just easier, so having Pages for a FigJam would help keep things organized and retain these very easy to use features.

Everytime I create a new FigJam file I feel the need of organizing the different types of content into different pages but I can’t do it, as a result I create another one and end up with a ton of FigJam files that could be just one divided into pages.

This feature would make my life much more easier. Thanks :slight_smile:

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