Overlapping auto layout children over one another

Hey everyone.

I am trying to get the word “Jan” to display over the gray columns to it’s right. Everything has auto layout assigned to it. As you can see, the “Ja” in the word also stick out to the left past the bounding box. “Jan” is contained within the first column.

Is there a way to have “Jan” be left aligned with the bounding box? (Already tried left aligning it in both auto layout, and text formatting options).

Is there also a way to display “Jan” over the columns to the right?

Here is a screenshot.

Thank you!

Hi @Christian_Rodriguez2,

On the top Frame with the auto layout (the parent of your rectangles and dayDate), in the auto layout panel you can click on the context menu and change the canvas stacking to First on top, this should allow you text to overlaps. Make sure that dayDate and dayNumber haven’t the Clip content checked

Hope it helped


Yes thank you!