Option to search when selecting a variant in component set

Hi… So I tend to use my Icons in a component set. Now let’s say I have some 100 items in the component set.

Wherever I use an instance of that component, I have to find the option manually, there should be an option to search in this long list. To add to the pain the names are not alphabetically arranged, is there a way to simplify this process?

This is my component set

And this is how I see it when I add an instance

I’d like to have a search option when I’m choosing this instance.

Well in an ideal world, I’d like a way to change the icon/illustration inside a component without having to break the component.

Split the set into individual icons, this way you not only improve memory consumption, but enable instance search, automatic alphabetical order and better maintenance for your assets.

But how do you change the instance if it’s nested inside another component?

Via instance swap property

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Ohh wow… I wasn’t aware of this… thanks a lot