Optimize performance in large variant sets

Components with more than 1000 variants may experience performance issues. Try breaking out your variants into separate components

This is my “text” component, which has 2,560 variants. It takes 10 seconds to rename a property, on a M2 MacBook Air. Is Figma’s performance for this already optimized or an improvement is something I can expect in future?

Hey @aen-infloww, thanks for the feedback!

Since Figma is browser-based and every browser has its own active memory limit of ~2GB per browser tab, we don’t recommend making variant sets this big as it often leads to performance issues, especially when multiple instances are used in a large file (as Figma needs to load all 2,560 variants in the background, not just the one you’re using, in order to enable swapping).

While I wish we could prioritize this, we don’t have any immediate plans to support a fully-featured offline mode without these memory limits. As a workaround, we recommend breaking down large component sets into smaller sets, which should result in more normal loading times.

Thanks for the insight. This helps.

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