"On Scroll" trigger for the prototype

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+1 pleaseeeeeee

+1 scroll for nav, fab, etc appear throughout experience

+1 please please please

It’s not just about triggering flows on scroll, we need many scroll related functions. Scroll parallax is the first thing that comes to mind. Meaning we should be able to set scroll speed, reverse direction (as negative values) and animations controlled by scroll amount instead of timing durations.


Need this so baaaad! Please add it soon, tried using Framer but their layout system is too buggy at the time, this would make a world’s difference in terms of value for Figma.

+1 Need it badly

+1 please!

please add it +1

+1, please!

+1, if you guys still looking for something similar, you can cheat by doing this : Trick to Show/Hide Header on Scroll in Figma - YouTube

I did it and looks like a real scroll. I reposted the link cause it’s too far in the topic now :smiley:

We need the on scroll trigger so badly, please :sob:

+1 Need it

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Really NEED this feature!!!