On demand prototype link update

Hi, I believe this topic has been asked from thousands of users already as this is a really important feature that everyone asked for.

I’m using Invision for prototyping tool so far, but nothing can compare the features of Figma as it is easy to add interaction, linkage and the animations…etc. However the prototype link will reflex the update from Figma changes directly which really confuse the client when we shared the link with them and they see the update in progress.

So could you please release a feature that the prototype link will only update on demand, so the viewer will only see the update when we click the “Publish” button.

Everyone will need this feature, but this is really a huge blocker that stop everyone moving from other prototyping tools to Figma.

@George_Tang1 I’ve definitely seen similar feedback in existing (older) threads. In order to make sure we can boost the feedback count, I’m going to merge your post with another one.

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