Offset path to create "radiating" outlined shapes?

In illustrator, I believe there’s an effect called “offset path” that will give this result.

Is there anyway to do this in Figma?

To my knowledge Figma doesn’t offer layered paths and I’m afraid it will never do since it usually follows what is possible to through CSS. But here is a workaround: create a symbol with the desired path and a stroke (I added both black and white to easily alternate between the two). The effect is achieved by each instance below the main symbol getting a thicker stroke and alternate between black and white:


I’ve added a second approach which uses Merge. It’s a lot simpler and allows transparency but also buggier (you can try and get rid of the bugs messing with the outer stroke’s Miter angle)

And another method using Difference and Luminance mask. This is by far the simplest but your object will carry a masked fill (you can lock your layers to avoid messing with it)

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