Number sizing doesn't work when underlining text

Hello! When I am typing in a text box and try to use Numbers or Bullets, if I underline any of the text, the numbers become Extra Large. If I remove the underline, the numbers return to the correct size.

Hey @Betsy_Morgan, thank you for flagging this!

Is this happening both in-browser and using the desktop app? Are you able to provide a screen recording or screenshot?

We’ll pass this along to the FigJam team to try to reproduce and work on a fix.

This is for sure happening in Desktop app. Screen recording attached (I think? I Just dragged and dropped it in)

Thanks! Our FigJam team will take a closer look.

Hello from the FigJam team! Thanks for filing this – this is indeed a bug with bullets. In this case, the bullets are using the text style for the overall sticky which has a larger font size. We’re adding this to our backlog.

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