Not getting frame images separately

I’ve written Rest API for images using
it has multiple frames but it is returning all frames in one image in response
“err”: null,
“images”: {
“node-id”: “image-path”
The image path that is returning , it is correct path but I can’t get all frames separately
But when I change the to then I get all frames separately.
How to resolve this issue?

@Gleb do you have any idea how to get all the images separately but not in one url.

Add any desired IDs in the URL.,node_id,node_id

Yes, I’m already using this method but it is returning all images into one as a one URL.
In one node, I’ve multiple frames. And API is merging all images into and returning as a one path

That is, you want to get the image of the parent node without nested nodes (children)? I don’t think it’s possible without editing the file.

I think you are having the exact same issue/misunderstanding as discussed in this thread: Exporting a particular image