Not getting frame images separately

I’ve written Rest API for images using
it has multiple frames but it is returning all frames in one image in response
“err”: null,
“images”: {
“node-id”: “image-path”
The image path that is returning , it is correct path but I can’t get all frames separately
But when I change the to then I get all frames separately.
How to resolve this issue?

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@Gleb do you have any idea how to get all the images separately but not in one url.

Add any desired IDs in the URL.,node_id,node_id

Yes, I’m already using this method but it is returning all images into one as a one URL.
In one node, I’ve multiple frames. And API is merging all images into and returning as a one path

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That is, you want to get the image of the parent node without nested nodes (children)? I don’t think it’s possible without editing the file.

I think you are having the exact same issue/misunderstanding as discussed in this thread: Exporting a particular image

@Gleb I don’t want to get multiple images from the one artboard/frame.
But I have multiple artboards/frames and I want each artboard/frame as a separate image.

Thank you for your response

Can you show the exact URL (only replace the file key) you are using to get the images? The URLs you shared in the original post don’t make much sense.

Hey @Gleb I am having the same issue. This is an example URL: ‘,296:3609

What’s the response you are getting?

Hey @Gleb, sorry I think I was just parsing it wrong! I get them all back :slight_smile:

Do you know if there is a similar way to pass multiple ids to the comments API endpoint?

You can only get all comments from a file, not specific ones.