Nesting Variables Modes possible or planned?


So I’m experimenting with Variables and creating a hierarchy for primitives, semantics, and components. Only I get stuck between modes in semantic collections going to component collections.

The goal is to include collection modes for two design systems for an easier transition of component variants. I am guessing the collection with the changes is the only one allowed to update with I use layer auto collections on Frames.

Is there a plan to choose a mode within a nested collection?

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Totally agree with this

Hey there,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your ideas on variable collection and modes. We really appreciate your input!

To address this, I’ve shifted this topic to the “Share an Idea” section. This way, other community members who’d love to see your suggestion come to life can vote on it! Also, this helps us roadmap future updates.

Don’t forget to cast your vote for this idea too! We’d also love to hear more about the specific use cases you have in mind for this feature.