Nested interactive component visibility gets stuck

Not sure if this is a bug or I’ve setup my file incorrectly.

I have a main frame and a nested button each with its own rest and hover state.

When i hover the main frame, the nested button appears. During this time, if I hover the nested button, it changes color.

The bug I have is everything works perfectly the first time, however, once you hover on the nested button, it seems to mess up the main frame, as if the hover state on the main frame no longer exists (the nested button appears forever but continues to work normally).

I’ve tried using mouse enter/mouse leave to no avail. Any ideas?

Sample file here:

I found a workaround to this. It seems like the bug is that it doesn’t respect layer visibility for a parent component if the nested component has its own interactions. If I delete the nested layer on the rest state of the parent, then this problem doesn’t occur.

This leads me to believe that this is indeed a Figma bug where nested interactions for some reason causes layer visibility to be ignored after the first run.

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