Nested Interactive Component Instances broken

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So the problem is fundamental: Interactive component instances only animate in size when within top layer frames. Component instances do not animate in size when nested within other main or instance components.

This must be fixed.


@Sean_Gilchrist We had a similar problem, the “hack” we did to resolve it was to frame the instance. That should fix the size issue. However, the issue seems to be a wide spread @Figma_Support problem according to the forums and searches I’ve done regarding this issue. Figma cannot call component children, it can only call the component parents and still it has trouble if the components are in an external libaray (which we are all trained which is best practice for DS). I just wanted to let you know that others in the community are having the same frustrations and are unable to resolve the same issue you are having.

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I’m using interactive components from external libraries to create a complex website. The instances work in the original file, but as soon as I nest them inside larger components, they stop working entirely. I’m frustrated there’s no fix for this issue. I’ve spent a lot of time creating the design system to find out that it doesn’t work the way it was intended to.

@Emily4 That’s what I was afraid of. We ran into the same problem with disappointment in regards to branching. Hopefully they will fix these issues in the next release or their new owners will :woman_shrugging:t2: good luck :four_leaf_clover: with your system.

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