Nested instance control

Design System designer here who would really benefit from the following:

  1. Auto-collapse nested instance trees in the component panel. With many complex components this panel can be way too long and cumbersome to scan.
  2. Allow control of which props to expose from a nested instance. Example: I have an asset-holder component which can be nested in other DS components. It has a prop for size. Let’s say I nest it within a card component for visual weight. I want my designers to be able to change the asset type (illustration, icon, etc.) but I don’t want them to change the size to keep visual consistency and vertical rhythm. When exposing props from nested instances I want the ability to choose which props are relevant when I insert them. This type of control is already possible within my dev team but not in Figma.

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Thanks for the feedback, @Keith_Barney!

We’ll pass this onto our team for consideration.

that would be great to be able to filter exposed propreties of a nested instance for a component