Nested component autolayout bug strikes again!

I submitted this bug Q1 2022 and it was a verified bug that was fixed for many, but it seems to be back again.

Components that have nested instances with variable widths are not resizing correctly. You can see in this short video:

  • I start with a component that has two different sized variants
  • Both variants have autolayout and hug contents on them
  • I have a container component which contains a single shape and one instance of the nested block. That container component has autolayout and hug contents set as well.
  • If i change the variant inside the master container component, the master container component expands as it should.
  • I have an instance of the master container component at the bottom, where if I change the nested block component variant, you can see that the master container component doesn’t appropriately respond in size.

This is the exact same bug/issue I ran into a year ago. Anyone else having this? Is this a known/documented bug? As a fundamental use case, this is going to have recursive issues through many existing and any new files I create.

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