Need swipe gesture

Need swipe gesture (left and right) instead of drag on #prototyping, so i can present the exact micro interaction between each card on onboarding screen.


How would this be different from drag?

swipe is just like scrolling but it will trigger to move into another page in prototyping. for example, i long-swipe-left a card and it has micro transition from card into a red-line. just like delete a message on iphone. cmiiw

Or when i swipe up the page, it will has a micro transition for the big title into tiny title and has fixed position

Still, I don’t see how what you are describing is not possible to do with drag triggers. Regarding the toolbar, there already is this suggestion: "On Scroll" action for the prototype

Drag definitely gets the job done at a basic interaction level and very happy it was added. however, If the interaction was a bit more granular (eg. Drag: Left/Right/Up/Down) that would be super helpful. I’m often working on projects where I need the interaction to only trigger while dragging right but it will trigger regardless of the direction I drag which is not always ideal. I’m sure there are some future upgrades/features coming to prototyping and fingers crossed that this one is on the radar!


Currently, there’s only “drag” as an option… In contrast invision for example has left and right. Figma however, can add multiple actions to a single object/component.

A good example/use case would be designing a tinder/dating app where you want to swipe both left and right on the card and go back and forth, or any other use where you want to go “around” and “back and forth”

The current drag does not allow this type of setup, however you could make multiple invisible layers/drag points on top of the object and assign those left/right, but considering Figma has/allows multiple actions on an object already this would be a hack and not desirable. It would be a better practice to separate the drag/swipe function into left and right and use the current multiple action functionality.

Thank you.


You probably missed an update which made it possible (the same that allowed you to assign multiple triggers to one object). You can assign multiple drag triggers with multiple directions to one object. File:

More prototyping tips:


Wow, It does work! I got a 360/90 degree/quarter radius rotation going both directions with 4 screens…

Fantastic for something I’m making right now.

Impressive. Thank you for the heads up. I knew I could do multiple actions, but since it’s not explicit, I wouldn’t have known.

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Still, if there were choices for drag (left/right/up/down), it would make it usable in the variant components and we didn’t have to use multiple frames with the same data for a slide just like the one @Gleb made

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What’s preventing you from using the same technique in variant components?