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"On Scroll" action for the prototype

  1. I want to make a prototype where something changes when user scrolls content.

  2. I want to keyboard collapse when user starts scrolling content, but it’s impossible to do with drag action. Or it feels unnatural

  3. Or am I missing a way to do it with existing tools?


Need on scrolling interaction, up and down instead of drag on #prototyping, so i can present the exact micro interaction for show and hide top navigation bar between each card on onboarding screen or like search input while i scroll the page down on iphone native app, vice versa.


I’m considering doing the prototype somewhere else just because of this missing.


We reaaaaallllllly need this. Badly. Please!

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i also need this badly for switching nav panels upon a certain scroll position. definitely need scrolling interactions. best by definable scroll positions (if a frame enters and exits the viewport)

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