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"On Scroll" action for the prototype

  1. I want to make a prototype where something changes when user scrolls content.

  2. I want to keyboard collapse when user starts scrolling content, but it’s impossible to do with drag action. Or it feels unnatural

  3. Or am I missing a way to do it with existing tools?


Need on scrolling interaction, up and down instead of drag on #prototyping, so i can present the exact micro interaction for show and hide top navigation bar between each card on onboarding screen or like search input while i scroll the page down on iphone native app, vice versa.


I’m considering doing the prototype somewhere else just because of this missing.


We reaaaaallllllly need this. Badly. Please!

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i also need this badly for switching nav panels upon a certain scroll position. definitely need scrolling interactions. best by definable scroll positions (if a frame enters and exits the viewport)


+1. Another use case for me would be to show a sticky button or pull the header back on scroll.

I would also add that interactions such as scroll to view, ie when scrolling something into view, it animates. Like when you get to a section and you want the section to animate in a way when user get to it, once.

It will be awesome to have this feature.

Working on a prototype right now and would love this feature. To take it further, I’d like to be able to show a UI element based on scroll position.


Dog-piling here, but I would agree “on scroll” interactivity would be very valuable. I have many instances where being able to have scroll control would drastically improve my prototype. Are there any plans for this coming in future releases?

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When creating an interactive component I would really like to have the option to choose “On scroll” as a trigger and be able to decide after how many pixels it should be triggered.

For example:
If I have a fixed close button in my prototype. After I’ve scrolled let’s say 80px I want it to change to another variant of itself that has box-shadows.

Often I want to make fixed objects pop more after the scrolling has begun, but not from the start. So this would be a really neat feature.